Finsch's Wheatear

Oenanthe finschii (Heuglin, 1869)

Черношейная каменка | Қараалқымды тасшымшық
© Robert Parker

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author: Robert Parker
location: Aktau
date: 2022-03-20
equipment: Nikon Z7ii, Sigma 150-600mm

2022-03-24. Robert Parker: (-3-)

Could not enter coordinates on phone. Aktau 43.647182,51.145247

2022-03-24. Рауф Байрашев: (-3-)


2022-03-24. Анна Ясько: (-3-)

Oh what a wonderful find! Congratulations! Much more often on the city embankment you can meet a Isabelline Wheatear, an Northern Wheatear or a Pied Wheatear. And here you are lucky. I haven't seen any Wheatears yet this season.

2022-03-24. Robert Parker: (-3-)

Thanks Anna. I was really excited when I realized it was a Finsch’s. It was so lucky.
I will post the rest of my pictures when we get home.

2022-03-24. Рауф Байрашев: (-2-)

Looking forward to see the full story )))

2022-03-24. Анна Ясько: (-3-)

Have you been anywhere else besides the city area?

2022-03-24. Robert Parker: (-3-)

Yes we went to see the Flamingos too :-) while we were there I think we saw two owls but I was too slow to photograph it/them.

2022-03-24. Анна Ясько: (-3-)

I recently saw an Long-eared Owl flying by in the 14th microdistrict. Didn't have time to take a picture either.

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