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Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

Dendrocopos minor (Linnaeus, 1758)

Малый пестрый дятел | Кіші тоқылдақ

Easten Kazakhstan. Ust-Kamenogorsk.
© Natali Kim


Lives in northern regions of Kazakhstan from Trans-Ural area eastward to Altai. Please see detailed distribution in Kazakhstan in the section Subspecies.


Rare resident. Inhabits the deciduous, rarer mixed pine-birch forests and groves or shrub thickets with singles trees, both on plains and in mountains at altitudes to 1500-1700 m in Altai. Breeds in separate pairs, nest is located in tree hole (birch, asp, willow, apple-tree or poplar) at height 0.5-10, usually about 2 m above the ground. Clutch of 5-9 eggs is laid in May – early June, juveniles fledge in early June – July. Autumn dispersal begins in end of July.


Dendrocopos minor minor (Linnaeus, 1758)

    Description. Under parts are darker than kamtschatkensis, often buffy-tinged. White on mantle occupies less space than kamtschatkensis; and has distinct black cross pattern. Dark streaks on breast-flanks and belly-flanks are faint. Black bands on tail feathers arrange more correct than kamtschatkensis.
    Distribution. Lives in middle and lower current Ural valley, in south to Budarino village. On dispersing occurs in northern part of Volga-Ural area, in Ural valley in south to Atyrau, and in Naurzum pine forest.

Dendrocopos minor kamtschatkensis (Malherbe, 1861)

    Description. Under parts are lighter than minor, more pure white or rarer slightly buffy-tinged; white on mantle occupies more space than minor. Black cross pattern on mantle is underdeveloped. Dark streaks on breast-flanks and belly-flanks is lack or faint. Black bands on tail feathers arranged less correct than minor. Color is very variable individually.
    Distribution. Lives in northern Kazakhstan, Trans-Irtysh area, Kalbinskiy Altai and Southwest Altai. One bird recorded in 5 December 1986 at Kurgaldzhino.


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Dendrocopos minor minor
(Linnaeus, 1758)
Dendrocopos minor kamtschatkensis
(Malherbe, 1861)

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