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Grey Partridge

Perdix perdix robusta (Homeyer et Tancre, 1883)

Серая куропатка | Сұр шілі

Lebjazhie region, Pavlodar oblast
© Askar Isabekov


General colour is lighter, the grey tone is purer than lucida. Size is larger than other races, wings rather long and narrow. The ashy tinge on upper parts is lack or faintly developed only on scapulars and rump. Barring pattern on rump and upper tail coverts formed by narrow bars. Head-flanks and fore-neck are rusty. Ear feathers are somewhat darker than general background. "Cap" bordered with neat grey (often bluish-grey) strip. Breast is pure grey. Craw patterned with thin and rare black bars. Spots on flanks are rusty or light brown. Belly-patch is dark-brown or black-brown.


Breeding in northern Kazakhstan from Ural river valley up to Altai (Bukhtarma, Markakol lake), to the south up to Mugodzhary ridge, upper reaches of Tobol and Ishim rivers and Zaysan depression.


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relative taxons

Perdix perdix
(Linnaeus, 1758)
Perdix perdix lucida
(Altum, 1894)
Perdix perdix arenicola
(Buturlin, 1904)

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Анна Ясько: Здесь можно только гадать, виден только фрагмент птицы и то не четко. Может молодой халей, может нет.


Андрей Коваленко: Но я то про чернушку...


Ирина Рекуц: Спасибо, Игорь!

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