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Rufous-necked Stint

Calidris ruficollis (Pallas, 1776)

Песочник-красношейка | Қызылмойын құмғақша

© Aleksey Koshkin


L 14.5 cm (5.75"); WS 32 cm (12.5"). Forms a species pair with Little Stint. Very small, with short to medium-length, usually straight and blunt-tipped black bill, and medium-length black legs. Primary projection beyond tertials long. Sexes are of similar size; plumage varies seasonally and with age. In flight from above shows narrow white wing-bar and white sides to dark-centred rump. Feeds actively, picking form surface, occasionally wading.

Juvenile. Head pattern rather plain; supercilium diffuse, non-existent in front of eye and lacking obvious 'split' effect shown by Little Stint. Mantle and upper scapulars dark-centred with rufous fringes, indistinct (or absent) off-white mantle-V; lower scapulars have white fringes and lozenge-shaped dark centres (but less dark than Little Stint). Wing-coverts and tertials grey, with narrow, darker centres and whitish fringes, never as dark as Little Stint.

First non-breeding/adult non-breeding. Generally similar to Little Stint but rather more uniform and paler grey above. Has dark area from lores through eye to ear-coverts. Lacks breast band. First non-breeding retains juvenile wing-coverts; those of adult are greyer and less worn.

Adult breeding. Very distinctive, with whitish or dull red supercilium behind eye (depending on progress of moult or wear); face, throat and upper breast brick-red, bordered with a necklace of small black spots across upper breast. Broad grey or rusty fringes to black-centred upper scapulars and some tertials; indistinct mantle-V.


Occasionally occurs on migration in south-eastern Kazakhstan: on Sorbulak lake (September 8-18 1979, 4 birds), and on Alakol lake (August 2 1987 and September 5 1987). Collected also on Zharkol lake (Kustanay province, August 21 1958), in Kurgaldzhino Reserve (August 23 1977 and August 9 1999) and in mountains on Markakol lake (August 31 1978).


Rare passage migrant. Occurs on muddy or sandy shores of fresh and brackish lakes. No spring records. In autumn singles registered from mid-July to mid-September, in flocks of Little Stint.


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Андрей Коваленко: Я за камышовую.


Alexandr Mesiats: Да, безусловно, согласен с Вами, но следует ли из этого, что чернушке, как "скальнику" (и практически "чистому" синатропу) легче приспособится [....]


Игорь Фефелов: На мой взгляд, перепелятник и есть, форма крыльев вполне похожа в этой позиции.

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