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Pallas's Sandgrouse

Syrrhaptes paradoxus (Pallas, 1773)

Саджа | Қылқұйрық бұлдырық

Almaty region
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Breeds and occurs on migration in southern part of Kazakhstan excepting Southern Ustyurt and sandy deserts, in north to Taysogan sands in Northern Trans-Caspian area, Kurgaldzhino and steppe between Semipalatinsk and Karaaul. On dispersal small flocks recorded in sands between Volga and Ural and lower reaches of Kushum river (early August 1957, 18 and 30 May 1964, 17 October 1975); in middle current of Ural valley (20 and 26 April 1976), lower reaches of Ilek, in Naurzum Reserve (in 1975, 1976, 1979, 1980, 1984, 1986 and 1998), in steppe adjacent to Altai, Bukhtarma valley, and also on Markakol lake. Wintering in small numbers in Kyzylkum, near Syrdarya valley, on Barsa-Kelmes; and two birds recorded in winter 1962/63 at desert near Emba river.


Common, in places rare breeding migrant. Inhabits the plain or hilly deserts and semi-deserts with solid ground (clay, crushed stone or saline soil) with scarce vegetation; and sometimes the southern steppes with low vegetation; not very far from watering-places. Arrives in end of February – March, sometimes in early April. Nest is shallow reception on bare ground without lining, sometimes under the cover of grass. Clutch of 2-3 eggs is laid in end of March to mid-July. Both parents incubate clutch and care for offspring. Probably rears two broods per season. Regularly flies to watering-places where occurs from late morning to evening. Flying juveniles recorded from end of May. Autumn migration passes in September – early October. Mass flight recorded at Dzungarian Gate through which birds fly to China. Latest birds observed in early November.


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Анна Ясько: Здесь можно только гадать, виден только фрагмент птицы и то не четко. Может молодой халей, может нет.


Андрей Коваленко: Но я то про чернушку...


Ирина Рекуц: Спасибо, Игорь!

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