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Greylag Goose

Anser anser (Linnaeus, 1758)

Серый гусь | Сұр қаз

Zhangala region, West-Kazakhstan oblast
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Breeds and migrates throughout Kazakhstan, except waterless areas and high mountain ridges of Tien Shan. Previously nested on Markakol lake where now observed on migration only. In mild winters occur in small numbers in the lower Arys and Keles rivers.


Common breeding migrant. Inhabits fresh lakes with reed, reed mace, rush and other vegetation mostly in river valleys, wet meadows and marshes. On migration feeds in stubble fields and rests on steppe lakes. Shows up very early, when there appear small snow-free patches at end February – early March in the south, and in mid-March – mid April in the northern regions. Migrates in flocks of several dozen up to a hundred birds. Migration continues for about two weeks. Breeds in singles pairs. Nest is built, as a rule, among reed-beds but on dry patches and also on dense floating stems of old reeds from dry reed stems and leaves; inner cup lined with reed and rush leaves, and also goose-down. Clutches of 3-9 eggs, of 4-6 eggs more often, from mid-March to end May. Female incubates 27-28 days, male vigilantly guards nearby. Juveniles hatch end April – mid-June. Both parents rear young. Offspring begin to fly end June – early August. Adults moult from end May – beginning of June and begin to fly by end July – early August. Birds, before migration, tend to concentrate on stubble fields, feeding at dark and returning in morning to open water for rest. Autumn migration from early September or October and continues until water (lakes/reservoirs) freeze in November.


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Вадим Нагуманов: Спасибо, Анна!


Никита Канунников: я ошибся, у седоголовой же хвост не рыжий. а обводка вокруг глаза есть не только у неё.


Анна Ясько: Славка-завирушка.

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