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Yellow-backed Wagtail

Motacilla lutea (S.G.Gmelin, 1774)

Желтолобая трясогузка | Сарымаңдай шақшақай

artificial island in Northern Caspian
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Breeding in northern Kazakhstan, in south to Kamysh-Samar lakes, lower Syrdarya river, Kurgaldzhino, Zaysan depression and Chiliktinskaya valley. Near Baykonur broods feeding by adults recorded in early August 2004. It’s known the irregularly breeding in Naurzum Reserve. In Western Kazakhstan (near Telnov village) it lives together with Yellow Wagtail in loose colonies. On migration occurs in south from breeding range.


Rare breeding migrant. Inhabits the vast meadows dotted with low shrubs, the marshy meadows, and the sparse reed beds on shore lakes; often together with Yellow Wagtail (Motacilla flava), but hybrids between these two species don’t known. During migration occurs in reed beds, where it roosts with other wagtails. In spring arrives in end of March to late April in small flocks of up to 40-50 birds. At Chokpak Pass one male was ringed in April 23, 2000; near Almaty one birds was obtained in March 24, 1916. Breeds separately in loose colonies; nests are located at distance 35-150 m from each other. Nest is built on ground under the grass shelter, between tussocks, or in ground cracks in deep of 10-20 cm at low-grass meadows. Nest is constructed from the dry grass and rootlets and is lined with the hair and occasionally some feathers. Only female builds nest, male escorts her. Clutch of 3-8 (usually 5) eggs is laid in early May – mid June. Only female incubates clutch for 11-13 days. Both parents feed juveniles, which fledge at age 11-12 days, in June – early July. Some pairs probably rears two broods per year. Autumn migration begins in August, last birds recorded in mid September.


Motacilla lutea lutea (S.G.Gmelin, 1774)


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Motacilla lutea lutea
(S.G.Gmelin, 1774)

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Желтоспинная трясогузка

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Сергей Л. Волков: Не сверчок. У "свежих" камышевок подхвостье бывает очень длинное.


Сергей Л. Волков: У птицы короткий задний коготь. Она не из желтых трясогузок. Я бы еще пару-тройку ее снимков глянул.


Сергей Л. Волков: Зеленая пеночка.

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