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Pied Flycatcher

Ficedula hypoleuca (Pallas, 1764)

Мухоловка-пеструшка | Теңбіл шыбыншы

Uralsk, Kirov park, West Kazakhstan oblast
© Askar Isabekov


Occurs on migration mostly in Western Kazakhstan. Probably breeds in Northern Kazakhstan. Please see detailed distribution in the section Subspecies.


Accidental breeding migrant, in places common passage migrant. Inhabits pine, mixed and deciduous forests, on migration visits groves, shelterbelts and shrub thickets. Arrives in early April, latest migrants recorded in end May. No data about breeding biology in Kazakhstan. Breeds in separate pairs. Nest is located in tree holes, cavities of human constructions and in nest boxes; nest is built from dry grass and is lined with thin grass and hair. Clutch of 5-7 eggs is produced in early May – June. Only female incubates, male feed her. Both parents feed juveniles which fledge in June – July. Autumn migration is in August – early September, latest birds recorded in mid-September.


Ficedula hypoleuca hypoleuca (Pallas, 1764)

    Description. Birds of black morph presented in a much more number than in sibirica. Upperparts of birds of other morphs are darker, with less developed greyish tinge than in sibirica.
    Distribution. Occurs on migration in Volga-Ural area, in Ural valley and on Mangyshlak.

Ficedula hypoleuca sibirica (Chachlov, 1915)

    Description. Birds of black morph presented in a much less number than in hypoleuca. Upperparts of birds of other morphs are lighter, with more developed greyish tinge than in hypoleuca.
    Distribution. Probably breeds in Northern Kazakhstan (at Suvorovka village and in north of Ryazanka village). Singl birds occurs on spring migration in Naurzum Reserve, on Arys station, in Astana and in Kurgaldzhino Reserve.


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Ficedula hypoleuca hypoleuca
(Pallas, 1764)
Ficedula hypoleuca sibirica
(Chachlov, 1915)

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