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Red-fronted Serin

Serinus pusillus (Pallas, 1811)

Красношапочный вьюрок | Қызылтелпекті құнақ

Kazachka river, Ile-Alatau National Park
© Askar Isabekov


Breeding everywhere in forests of Tien Shan, from Pskemskiy and Ugamskiy ridges to east, in Dzhungarskiy Alatau and in Saur. Summer observation on Southern Altai not confirmed. On dispersal and in winter comes down to foothills and on adjacent plains, reaching up to Malay Sary Mts., Chu-Iliyskiye Mts. and Chu valley near Furmanovka. At once a flock of 12 birds recorded in Kurgaldzhino Reserve in mid-April 1999.


Abundant resident or short-distance migrant. Inhabits the spruce light forests and juniper forests with bushes and grass vegetation at altitudes 1500-1800 m in Talas Alatau and 3000-3200 m in Zailiyskiy Alatau. On dispersal and wintering occurs in low forestless mountains, in bushy foothills and adjacent plains, shelterbelts, gardens and thickets of tall weeds. In breeding sites appears in mid – end March (last birds disappears in foothills in mid-March). Breeds in separate pairs, quite a far one from another. Nest is located in spruce or juniper at height 1.7-19 m above the ground; nest is built from the dry grass and honeysuckle bast and is lined with plenty of fluff and hair. Mainly female builds the nest, but sometimes also male brings and lay the grass. Clutch of 3-5 eggs is laid from May to mid-July. Only female incubates clutch for 11-12 days, male feed her. Both parents feed nestlings which fledge at age 15-16 days old, in mid-June to first ten days of August; parents continue to feed juveniles during about two weeks after its departure from the nest. Re-nesting after loss of first clutch is common; probably some pairs rear two broods per season. Flocks begin to disperse at first in breeding sites, and in October – November descend to foothills and adjacent planes.


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other names

Корольковый вьюрок, Fire-fronted Serin.

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