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Eurasian Siskin

Carduelis spinus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Чиж | Шымшық

Almaty, Republic Square
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Breeding in Kokchetav upland (about Schuchie), in Karkaralinsk vicinities and in Kent mountains. In July singles observed in Western Altai on Belaya Uba and Bystrukha valleys, but breeding not established. In Dzhungarskiy Alatau pairs observed in July, but no data about breeding exist. On migration occurs everywhere, from Volga-Ural area up to Markakol lake in Altai. Wintering in southern half of Kazakhstan, in south from lower of Ural river (near Yamanka), Kurgaldzhino Reserve, Irtysh valley between Semipalatinsk and Ust-Kamenogorsk and on Markakol lake.


Very rare breeding migrant, but common passage migrant or winter visitor on most of non-breeding territory. Inhabits the pine-birch forests on granite rocks of Kazakh Upland, on migration and wintering prefers the birch groves, shrub thickets, shelterbelts, shrubby deciduous forests on rivers valleys, and the thickets of tall weeds. No one nest was found in Kazakhstan. Broods with flying juveniles were observed from first ten days to end of July. Autumn migration begins in mid-end September or in some years only in early October. Most common the small flocks of 10-15 birds, but sometimes the flocks of 50-100 birds may be observed. In spring disappears in wintering sites in March - April, some birds linger up to early – mid-May.


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