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Eurasian Goldfinch

Carduelis carduelis (Linnaeus, 1758)

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Breeds in Northern Kazakhstan. On migration and on wintering occurs in the Volga-Ural interfluve; in Northern and Southern Kazakhstan. For details please see Subspecies chapter.


Common breeding migrant; common winter visitor on most of non-breeding areas. Inhabits the deciduous, mixed and coniferous forests with bushes and glades, riparian forests, gardens, parks and tree planting in urban areas. On migration and in wintering visits the kitchen-gardens, cereal fields (sunflower especially), riparian forests, treeless open country, shelterbelts and thickets of tall weeds. In breeding sites appears in March - early April; latest birds leave the wintering sites in mid-April, in Aksu-Dzhabagly Reserve the last birds were recorded in early May. Nest is built in tree from the dry thin grass and rootlets mixed with plant fuzz, and is lined with fuzz and hair. Only female constructs the nest. Clutch of 3-6 (usually 4-5) eggs is laid from mid-May; juveniles fledge in mid-June – first ten days of July. Probably rears two broods per season. Dispersal begins in August, in Almaty appears from mid-September, in lower reach of Ural river, in Emba valley and at Chokpak Pass first birds registered in October.


Carduelis carduelis carduelis (Linnaeus, 1758)

    Description. The mantle is darker, more rusty-brown, less greyish-brown, the brown breast spots are darker and more extensive than in major. Sizes lesser.
    Distribution. Occurs in Western Kazakhstan (Volga-Ural interfluve, Ural valley) on migration and wintering.

Carduelis carduelis major (Taszanowski, 1879)

    Description. The mantle is lighter, more greyish-brown, the brown breast spots are lighter and less extensive than in carduelis. Sizes larger.
    Distribution. Breeding on Ishim valley near Petropavlovsk, in Kokchetav upland (Borovoye, Zerenda, Sandyktau and to north from Kokchetav), in Irtysh valley, in Pavlodarskoye Trans-Irtysh area, in foothills of Altai (Ust-Kamenogorsk) and in Ridder. At once breeding recorded in Almaty, where a brood with adult birds observed 7 July 1953. On migration and wintering occurs westward to area Northern Trans-Aral area.


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Carduelis carduelis carduelis
(Linnaeus, 1758)
Carduelis carduelis major
(Taszanowski, 1879)


Carduelis (carduelis x caniceps)

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