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Asian Rosy-Finch

Leucosticte arctoa arctoa (Pallas, 1811)

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Ulan region, East Kazakhstan oblast
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Pink on crown is lack or poorly developed. Hindneck is darker, less whitish; mantle is black-brown, more dark with less developed pink shade than in brunneonucha. Upper tail coverts silvery-whitish, sometimes with black-brown shaft streaks and tips. On outer webs of primaries and on rectrices silvery-whitish colour more developed; pink colour on under parts less developed than in other races.


Breeds in highlands of Southern Altai at Markakol lake and on Lineyskiy ridge in Western Altai. In winter occurs in foothills, at Semipalatinsk, Ust-Kamenogorsk and in Kalbinskiy Altai. On dispersion recorded near Ucharal settle (25 February 1965) and twice in south-west spurs of Dzhungarskiy Alatau, in upper reaches of Bizhe river (9 February 1941) and in Chulak mountains (21 December 1948, Kzylaus gorge).


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relative taxons

Leucosticte arctoa
(Pallas, 1811)
Leucosticte arctoa brunneonucha
(Brandt, 1842)

other names

Arctic Rosefinch

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Анна Ясько: Все же теньковка, на мой взгляд. У Ларса Свенссона (Handbook of Western Palearctic Birds) в описании теньковки есть упоминание, что некоторые птицы, особенно [....]


Нурлан Онгарбаев: Если других версий нет, переношу в Садовую.


Игорь Фефелов: Тоже за дерябу, расцветка физиономии очень характерная.

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