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Northern Bullfinch

Pyrrhula pyrrhula (Linnaeus, 1758)

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Breeds in Altai at Rakhmanovskiye springs and in Ridder area. Recently found on breeding in Ivanovskiy and Ubinskiy ridges and in upper reaches of Bukhtarma river. Occurs in the end of July near Borovoe lakes, 16 July in Borovoye forest, and at foothills of Kokchetav Mt. where its nesting is quite probable. On dispersal and in winter occurs in Kazakhstan almost everywhere, from Volga-Ural area and Ural valley eastward to Altai and Zaysan depression, in south to Duken village in lower of Turgay river (31 October 1975), on Barsa-Kelmes island in Aral Sea, in Syrdarya valley (near Kzyl-Orda) and in western part of Talasskiy Alatau ridge.


Rare resident, but common winter visitor on most of non-breeding territory. Inhabits the spruce-fir and cedar-larch forests with some deciduous trees at altitudes 1500-1900 m; in winter prefers the deciduous forests, shelterbelts, gardens and thickets of tall weeds. Breeds in separate pairs fairly far from each other. Nest is located in spruce at height 1.5-5 m above the ground; nest is built from the twigs, dry grass, moss and lichen and is lined with thin parts of plants, hair and feathers. Clutch of 4-7 eggs is laid in end of May - June. Mainly female incubates clutch for 13-15 days, male feed her. Both parents feed juveniles which fledge at age 15-16 days old. Probably rears two broods per season. Recently hatched juveniles were observed in first ten days of August, but full-grown juveniles were recorded in end of June to early August. Autumn dispersal begins late, in October, in southern part of Kazakhstan Bullfinches appears in end of November – December. Spring migration takes place from February up to end of March - mid-April.


Pyrrhula pyrrhula pyrrhula (Linnaeus, 1758)


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Pyrrhula pyrrhula pyrrhula
(Linnaeus, 1758)


Pyrrhula (pyrrhula x cineracea)


Pyrrhula (cineracea x pyrrhula)

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